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    We’re Moving…AGAIN!

    Hey there, Guess WHAT,


    So I thought I would give y’all a quick life update, because a lot of changes have occurred in the last few weeks. I am going to try and be as brief as possible, but I mean I do love to ramble.

    First off, I will be returning to work in August after spending a year at home with my Rainey Roux. I have absolutely loved my time at home with my girl, but I have missed the classroom. This is the best decision for our family and will be great for Rainey to be around other kids during the day at daycare. I will be jumping back into my old position, 5th Grade Social Studies, at my home school, Harrison. I am excited to return to work and work with the best educators I have ever met.

    Thomas has begun working in a position with his company, which is going to mean a lot more travel. This is a great opprotunity for him to grow and learn professionally. He will sadly be spending a lot of time away from home, but it will make our time together that much sweeter. He has also decided to go back to school online and work towards his masters degree. This decision is still in the early stages, but I am so proud of him and how hard he works for our family.

    Due me returning to work in Wylie, we are moving much closer. We have found a perfect house for our family in Garland and can’t wait to move in in 2 weeks. This move is happening quickly, but we want to get settled into our new home before I return to work in August. This house is literally a dream come true, it is an open floor plan and even has a place for a playroom. I can’t wait to get moved in and show y’all.

    There is only one problem with us moving, we have NO furniture. When we moved in with my mom last year we got rid of everything. Literally, EVERYTHING. We have bedroom furniture since we brought that with us to my moms house, but we do not have couches, tables, toy storage, end tables, like all the “little” things. Haha. We did end up buying a couch this past week that is so comfortable and and perfect for our new space. Other than that, nothing. So do you have any reccommendations of great affordable furniture?

    Also, with this move comes a hard time for our family. We will be leaving our sweet pets behind. A few months ago, we did allergy testing on Rainey and it came back that she is allergic to both cats and dogs which is causing asthmatic issues. We as parents had to make the tough decision to no longer have our pets. I am literally in tears writing this, because we love our pets so much. Our cats, Charlie and Chewy, will be staying with my mom. We are still not sure what is going to happen with Piper. She is almost 10, has epilepsy, and does not do well with kids. We are heartbroken with this decision, but we want to get Rainey off of her medications and healthy.

    With that being said, I can’t wait to share this new journey with all of you, so stay tuned for more adventures of The Seals Family.


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    Dietrich is One…

    We had the best weekend celebrating my sweet nephew Dietrich turning ONE. I can’t believe he is already a year old. He has the best personality and the most contagious smile. I am loving looking back at his first day. We love you, Di Di.

    My brilliant sister decided to throw a crawfish boil to celebrate his birthday and it was perfect. We had tons of family come into town and were able to spend some great quality time with the ones that we love. It truly was the perfect weekend.

    I made Dietrich a starter sensory bin for his birthday that I am absolutely in love with. I will share it later this week, I promise!

    This party would not have been possible if not for a group of amazing small shops.Here are a few of the party details below:

    • My dear friend Candace made the adorable shirts for my sister’s family. Click here to view some of her work and order yourself a shirt!
    • Balloon arch is from Party Zealot. I highly recommend using them. They send you all of the supplies to create your very own balloon arch. We might have had some problems with the wind, but we now know that next time we need it indoors. You can get 20% if you use code SAMMY20
    • Crawfish Cookies, were made by a family friend Britney. They were so delicious and a huge hit.
    • All of the rest of the decorations and sweets were made by my mother, my sister, and myself. We are big DIY people.
    • Crawfish were from Cajun Crawfish Company We have used them on multiple occasions and continue to go back because they have great customer service and amazing crawfish. If you live in the DFW, I highly reccommend you order from them for your next boil.

    Here are a few of my favorites from the party and some from Dietrich’s first birthday photoshoot.


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    This Story of Us…Picture Edition

    This has been a crazy year of Marriage. From me leaving work for a year to stay home with Rainey, to moving in with my mother, we have made a lot of big changes, but they are have brought us closer together and proved that we can make it through whatever life throws our way. Here are some (ok a ton) of pictures of us over the years. Enjoy.

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    Friday Favorites: Rainey Edition

    Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. For more information, see Disclaimer & Privacy Policy.

    So it has been a while since I have done a Friday Favorites, mainly due to writers block! It is real y’all and I am pulling myself out from its grip, hopefully! That is probably why I am writing today about something I know better than anything, Rainey.

    I read an article this week that talked about how it important free play is for toddlers. As a teacher I know the importance of teaching at a young age, but I also love sitting back and watching Rainey play. Her imagination is so fascinating. The way she plays without prodding is every mother’s dream. So here are our go to toys that we use everyday for play and exploration.

    Mega Bloks

    Rainey absolutely loves these! She will literally bring the bag to me and ask “please” for me to open. This is such a great tool for toddlers to learn with!

    Little People Noah’s Ark

    She loves playing with the animals and putting them in different places around the house. I love that she can learn animals, sounds, and all about Noah while playing with mommy.

    Little Tikes Slide

    This slide is both inside and outside in our house. She loves it! She goes down the slide, baby dolls go down the slide, animals go down the slide. It was the best purchase to help get some energy out when we can’t go outside.

    Melissa and Doug Wooden ABC

    Rainey loves stacking these and knocking them down. I love teaching her letters while she plays.

    Shape Sorter

    This is such a great toy. She can sit for a while trying to sort the shapes and I love teaching her the shapes and colors.


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    Easter with The Seals

    We had a beautiful weekend in at the Ranch. The weather could have not been any better and we spent most of our days outside. From hunting antlers and easter eggs (Rainey is a super star at hunting eggs), to chasing animals around on the mule, we loved every minute of our time there. We love that Rainey got some special time with her Great Grandparents, and she loved all the attention. We can’t wait to head back this summer and go on more family adventures. Here are a “few” pictures from our weekend.


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    The Seals Family This Week

    It has been a while since I have given y’all an update. Life has been a bit chaotic, Thomas has been working tons of hours, so I have been pulling double duty. I figured I would simply address some of the bigger events from the last 2 weeks, instead of doing a full update. I am struggling to get these written with a toddler at home that loves to help me.

    A few weeks ago we did some allergy testing on Rainey to try and figure a few things out, sadly though the results we got came as a complete shock. It turns out Rainey is allergic to both cats and dogs and her doctor seems to think that this is what is causing her asthma. This is a tough thing to hear. We love our pets so much and the thought of having to get rid of them breaks our hearts. We know that we need to do what is best for Rainey, but it doesn’t make this any easier. For the time being we have purchased an air purifier to keep in the room with her, but soon it will be time for us make some big decisions.

    Along with cats and dogs she also has some food allergies. She is allergic to peanuts, milk, and egg whites. These are so much easier to process and it is as simple as removing these from her diet. She has never had anything with peanuts, so that one is simple, milk got switched to soy milk, and egg whites, well, that ones a little tougher. We will get it all figured out soon and we head back to the doctor next week and hopefully can get some more answers.

    For St. Patricks day we made a family trip to the Fort Worth Aviation Musuem. It was only $10 for the whole family and we really enjoyed ourselves. We love going out and finding new places to explore in our city. It is hard for us to venture further out with Thomas working on call so often, so we make the most of our time.

    This past Friday Rainey got to “participate” in her first Easter Egg Hunt. I say “participate” because she picked up one egg and was done. That one egg was apparently very fascinating. Oh well, she seemed to have a great time. I am loving getting to witness all of her firsts, she continues to amaze me.

    Then on Saturday we went over to Plano for a BBQ with our friends. It was such a refreshing day getting to catch up with some of our best friends. LIving so far away makes it hard to get together like we used to. Plus seeing the joy on Thomas’s face made the trip so worth it. We sure do miss Plano and our sweet friends.

    This next week is going to be full of packing and traveling as we are going to Kerrville for Easter. We are so excited to head back to the Ranch, since last time we were there at Christmas it was cold and raining.

    What I’m Wearing:

    We’ve Been PRIMING:

    Conway Mighty Air Purifier

    Children Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    Quest Prot Bar Choc/Chip

    Babyganics Sunscreen SPF 50 (2pack)

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    A Few of My Favorite Things…

    It has been a minute since I have posted about my favorite things from this week. Life has been a little hectic, you know how it goes. So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things…

    Sweet girl has been cutting 5 teeth, yes you read that correctly, she is cutting 5 teeth at the moment. Our house is full of tantrums, snuggles, and lack of sleep. It is torture! We have been relying on all forms of soothing her mouth, but her absolute favorites are her Baby Banana Teether and her Baby Toothbrush. Yes, her toothbrush, she loves trying to brush her own teeth and the bottom of this toothbrush is perfect for soothing those sore gums. Her banana has been a staple item for months and it is still a must when she is teething.

    All of our Amazon Alexa devices! We have a total of 5 devices in our household and we use each and every one of them. We have had an Echo for about 2 years now and have used it daily. In our old house it was in our bathroom and we would listen to it while getting ready every morning. Then we got a tap and we loved that we could move it around the house and outside with us. Next came the Echo Dot and finally the Show.

    For a while we did not really use the Dots, but we recently purchased some Philips Hue lights for our lamps and some smart outlets that work with our Dot. It is great to be able to turn off the lights and turn on Rainey’s monitor from bed.

    Our Echo Show is so much fun, I love that it does flash news updates and the video calling. I highly recommend getting a show for your kitchen, we use our every single day! With all of our devices we are able to have music playing in every room. We absolutely love all of our devices.

    Popcorn, I love POPCORN! It is more like an obsession. All flavors, but my favorite would have to be butter and any kind of cheese flavor. I am currently sitting on our couch writing this, eating popcorn, and watching Shameless (Current Netflix Binge). I cannot tell you how many nights my dinner has consisted of popcorn and wine. Currently I am  loving Smartfood White Cheddar. It is perfect of those late night cravings.

    Now that we are finally getting some consistent spring weather here in Fort Worth, we re loving going to the park. We have been trying as many parks as we can around the area. Rainey absolutely loves climbing on all of the equipment and making some new friends.

    We just got a brand new Baby Jogger City Select LUX, and I am loving it! It was so easy to assemble and pushes with ease. It is light weight, easy to fold, comfortable for Rainey. I can’t wait to use it more and give you more details.



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    The Seals Family This Week

    Do you ever just feel like you are in a funk? That has been me this week. Nothing crazy has happened, but I just can’t seem to motivate myself to work. Maybe its because I was really enjoying spending time with my girl. Thomas ended up working over 70 hours, so I got some great quality time with Rainey Roux.

    We started out the week with a trip to our favorite park. Then Tuesday Rainey had her 15 month appointment, and guess what! She moved up a percentile in weight! She has been sitting below the 10th percentile since birth, but this week she flew above it and moved to the 18th! Baby girl is growing.

    At MOPS on Wednesday, Mom had a great time learning about self defense and then we went outside to visit with our local police department. They came and brought their cars, horses, and even helicopter for the kids to explore. It was such a great event, thanks Lindsay all of the kids had a blast!

    Thursday afternoon, we went to get Booney off the bus and had a fin afternoon playing outside and jumping on the trampoline. Rainey loves spending time with him and their friendship makes my heart happy. I can’t wait to watch Rainey grow up and continuing to grow her friendship with her cousins.

    Friday and Saturday we got some much needed quality time with Dad! We had another fun afternoon at a new park in North Richland Hills and loved it. It has a great walking trail and two smaller playgrounds for Rainey to climb. Our little girl loves climbing on everything, so we love parks! Saturday, Aunt Carson came to visit and had a great day. We ended the day with yummy steaks cooked by our fabulous chef, daddy!

    Sunday we did some more sensory play on the patio. I created a rice bin with different containers, hoping she would work on filling the cups, but instead she simply threw all of it on the ground. At least she had a good time. I am looking into writing a blog about what different activities we have tried and our experiences. Let me know it you are interested.

    We’ve been Priming: Here are some new must haves we have gotten

    CamelBak 0.4-Liter Kids Bottle

    Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50, 6oz Tube (Pack of 2)

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    25 Things About Me You Might Not Know

    I So our blog and instagram have been growing so much recently, so I thought it was time to do a get to know you post. I am terrible at writing about myself and this was a hard one to construct, but without further ado, here are 25 facts all about me! I hope you enjoy and we love that you are following along on our journey through life.

    1. I met my husband when I was a sophomore at Texas A&M University. We have now been together for 10 years and we love each other more everyday. Look at these babies!
    2. My daughter, Rainey, got her name from a player on Madden. Thomas suggested the name and I loved it, then he informed me that it was a player from his game.
    3. I was a teacher for 6 years before staying home this year to be with Rainey. I taught 5th Grade Social Studies for the majority of my time.
    4. I love Apple products and would upgrade every year if my husband let me.
    5. We have 3 pets, Charlie, Piper, and Chewy.
    6. I have seen every episode of Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Charmed multiple times! I can quote each show.
    7. I have a history degree from Texas A&M University and a minor in communications. Hence why I love writing and social media.                  
    8. I love the Bachelor franchise, I have been watching since Trista and Ryan’s wedding. The pink had me hooked! Oh and last nights episode has me FURIOUS!
    9. Our dog Piper has epilepsy. She is on three different medications just to keep her seizures controlled.
    10. I love chocolate, it is a bad addiction.
    11. My favorite wine is 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon.
    12. I am not know for being the best driver, I have been in 4 car accidents and totaled 4 cars, the last car was totaled due to hail, not my fault!
    13. I am a terrible cook, Thomas does all of the cooking in our household and he spoils us with his delicious cuisine. Check out one of his yummy recipes here.
    14. Thomas and I went on our honeymoon to Barcelona, Spain. We spent 10 days in the city and wish we could go back every year. It was an amazing experience, and 10 days was not long enough! 
    15. Oh, that last picture reminds me, I was a Delta Zeta in college and met one of my best friends that I can’t imagine my life without. Love you MEGAN!
    16. We have two places that we love to vacation because they bring us close to family and they make us so happy. Kerrville, TX and New Orleans, LA. They are our happy places.
    17. I have one amazing sister by blood and 3 beauties by marriage, and one sister by love. They are all unique and I absolutely love them for who they are. My poor husband is surrounded by women, but he loves it.
    18. I was a gymnast for 8 years. I competed for years and quit in 6th grade because I wanted a life. I was at the gym 6 days a week and I felt like I was missing out on my childhood.
    19. After gymnastics, I jumped right into diving and cheerleading. I did diving for 5 years and lettered as a freshman, yeah I am cool like that. I was a cheerleader for 9 years total, I did competitive and school. I also competed in college for a year. GO TEAM!
    20. My favorite book is Shopaholic, I have read every book in the series and I love it!
    21. It was pouring down rain on our wedding day and I was completely freaking out, but it turns out that Rainey days are our favorite.                     
    22. I have always been the person taking tons of pictures, but it wasn’t until I began staying home that I began to pursue my passion for photography. It is still an ongoing learning process but I love it!
    23. I never have matching socks. I hate sorting and folding laundry, so i simply buy the same type of socks and can just grab from the sock basket. It drives everyone around me crazy.
    24. We love Saints Football, well by we I mean I love them, Thomas is obsessed with them. Who Dat Nation!
    25. I was born and raised in Katy, Texas, but I love living in Dallas/Fort Worth. I sometimes miss home and the people I grew up with, but our lives here are perfect and I now consider this home!

    Thank you for following along on our journey!